1. Enter your federated number and click Register

So that the system can verify that your data is valid.
Registration will not be possible when:
- The Federation number does not exist.
- The federated member is already registered - in which case you must use Login to access your Area or
- The federated member does not have a valid email address - in which case you should contact your Home club or the Federation to update your email. Until this is updated, you cannot register.

2. Check your data

If the verification is successful, the data for registration is shown:
- Name of the Federated Member
- Federation Number
- Home Club
- Federated Member Email (for reasons of confidentiality, it is only partially presented)

Important: Make sure the email address is what you use. As noted, a mail message will be sent to this address in order to successfully complete the process. If the email address is not correct, please stop this process and contact your Home Club or the Federation to update your email.


3. Confirm Registration

Click after verifying that the data is the correct one.
A mail message will be sent. Check your mailbox.

Click the link in the mail message to confirm that you are the owner of the email address and you want to complete the process.

4. Finish registration

Define and confirm your access password. (Don’t forget it!!)
You must also acknowledge and accept the conditions shown and press Create user.
A message informing that the process has been completed will then be displayed.

You can start using your Player’s area logging in with your federation number and password.